Poetry, Wordplay


dream it
see it
write it
type it
print it
read it
Stop, erase it.
stretch it
pull it
raze it
shred it
tear it
flip it
Scan, revise it.
drown it
save it
dry it
clean it
court it
chase it
Perverse, seduce it.
feel it
feed it
dress it
strip it
coat it
glaze it
Taste and crave it.
crown it
flaunt it
shine it
love it
see it
say it! I am a writer!
now it’s a poem.

Poetry, Wordplay


The day breaks with birds flyin high
Still sitting on the floor
Foil in hand from previous nights
And then
I hear her, I feel her
Running through my veins
Like a river
Running free
Her voice flowers the color of acoustics
Breeds half notes and whole ones
With fervor into music
The fire
Firing power and desire
I set foot
On the keys of the piano
While she spits her scats
With aim and precision
Freedom is yours and mine Nina,
You know how I feel.